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How Much Will it Cost Me to File a Bankruptcy with Clark & Washington?

How Much Will It Cost For Me to File Bankruptcy

Clark & Washington makes every effort to keep your bankruptcy filing costs down. We understand your already in financial distress.

Chapter 13 - Unlike many of our competitors, Clark and Washington does not charge any up front attorney’s fee.  In most cases, 100% of our fee is paid through your Chapter 13 plan by the Chapter 13 trustee.  There is no upfront cost to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy with Clark & Washington.

Chapter 7 - Unlike many other bankruptcy firms, Clark & Washington requires $0 upfront cost to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  We offer flexible payment plans for attorneys fees. This will be based on your unique circumstances so we feel it's not fair to quote Chapter 7 prices online. However, our fees average $1250 for a routine chapter 7 case

At Clark & Washington, our philosophy has always been that the issue of attorney’s fees should never stand between you and the bankruptcy relief you need.

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